Our Team

Scott Leggett, Executive Director

Originally from San Diego, California, Scott discovered early in his life through music mentors of his own that utilizing the arts to connect with our amazingly creative God was something he wanted to learn himself and teach others. After graduating from Azusa Pacific University, Scott continued his journey in his various positions on staff at two churches in West Michigan. Scott currently resides in Denver, CO with his wife Jenny and their three children. As the Executive Director of Worship Foundations, investing in people and helping them realize their potential for impacting the Kingdom is Scott's commitment and the results of those who took the time to invest in him.

Chris Huovinen, El Salvador Directora320f618-a6af-46b0-8c09-67473038a9a6

Born and raised in Montgomery, AL, Chris has been involved with Worship Foundations since 2003. After graduating from Auburn University, God lead him to participate in two music mission trips with WFI to Nepal and Zimbabwe where he first received the call to missions though the time wasn’t yet right. While pursuing a career in accounting for 10 years which lead him to working for Dave Ramsey in Nashville, TN, Chris volunteered as Treasurer and served on the board of Worship Foundations. In 2013, Chris and his wife Stephanie followed God’s call on their lives to serve in San Salvador, El Salvador. Now, Chris has partnered with Worship Foundations to expand the vision beyond the borders of the U.S. Using his gifts in leading worship and his ability to relate to others with love and acceptance, Chris's desire is to influence worship leaders, musicians, and other artists of El Salvador by coming alongside them with support and encouragement in using their talents for the Church.

Cheryl DeBey, Business / Finance


Alex Pérez, El Salvador a320f618-a6af-46b0-8c09-67473038a9a6

Born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador, Alex is one of the most influencers worship leader of his country, with a strong testimony of Persistence and effort. with 15 years of ministry of Worship, Recording artist and Graphic Designer.
In 2009 Alex started a vision of developing arts, the heart of the artists and musicisans of his country El Salvador, vision and mission thats God's gave to Alex through a new calling developing in him Pastor of Worhsip and arts. since that moment Alex named this vision as "Essencial Ministries" and with his minitry Alex its being an kingdom influencer and mentor. In 2012 Alex got married with his wife Melani, unifiying they lives as a family and ministry.
Alex has been involved with Worship Foundations since 2015. After meet Chris Huovinen who was in a missionary calling in El Salvador, so them Chris, Alex and they wives They established a Partership between "Worship Foundations" and "Essencial Ministries", so now is the first extantion in Latin America. Chris and Alex are working passionated, with an deep friendship and ministry commitmen.

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