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More than just skill and ability, we desire to help transform the heart. By providing experiences and direction for an individual’s journey, the artist and musician come to know our Creator in a deeper way. Through one–on–one and group coaching and teaching, amazing cultural experiences and space and time to create, artists will find the inspiration and the time to shape the music in their hearts into a new song—The Songwriters’ Journey.  
A New Song For many of us, we travel through life with artistic ideas in our minds. Images and events that have inspired us to create art. Unfortunately, many times that is where the art stays—in our minds—never seeing the light of day. It might be because of fear, lack of skills or even time. The Songwriters’ Journey is designed to help you overcome these obstacles and give you skills and opportunities to write the songs that God has placed on your heart. We do this by taking you out of your everyday life routines and placing you in some of the most artistic surroundings in Europe. Engulfed in surroundings that are sure to inspire you, we begin the process of songwriting. We believe that the Creator inspires our art. On each Songwriters’ Journey, we will spend a significant amount of time reflecting on the beauty of God and how that will be written into your song. In both group settings and one-on-one encounters, you will interact with a mentor brought along specifically to talk about your spiritual journey and the art He has put in your heart. We also realize that practical skills will allow you to become a better songwriter. Musical mentors, invited for their talents, experience and desire to share their own heart and journey, will join us on the Journey. These mentors are songwriters involved in today’s music writing industry and will provide practical tools to transform your musical thought process. The Journey Travel to  Rome, where we will begin our journey. From there, a train ride three hours north will take you to the mountain–top city of  Assisi, the setting for the story of St. Francis of Assisi. Here, you will hear from the mentors on the art of songwriting and experience the scenes and venues that will inspire and refresh your creativity. From there we will return to Rome, where you will experience thousands of years of art and its influence in culture. Finally we will fly to Vienna, Austria and experience a city that has been renowned for it’s music and composers for hundreds of years. October 2013 So often artists are in need of time and space to draw on the song that God has given them. This October we want to provide you with the time, skills and surroundings that will inspire you to create. The price for the trip will be $1900 plus airfare. We will equip you with tools to help you raise the support. Download the SongWritersJourney brochure here.

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