Our Purpose


We seek to build the most effective generation of artists and musicians, helping them utilize their hearts and talents to inspire and transform the world for God’s glory.


We exist to strengthen and encourage artists and musicians, ultimately maximizing all of our experiences and relationships for kingdom influence.


We believe artists and musicians will influence culture for our Creator’s greater glory when:
  • Relationships are valued At the heart of our vision, mission, and values we believe that true life-change happens in relationships with one another and with the Creator we worship.
  • Spiritual formation is cultivated By providing experiences and direction for an individual’s journey, the artist and musician come to know our Creator in a deeper way. More than just skill and ability, we desire to help transform the heart.
  • Biblical theology of worship is established By having a Biblical understanding of the meaning and value of worship, musicians and artists can cultivate a theology of worship
  • Leadership is developed By providing direction and accountability, we will help develop the individual’s capabilities and Christ –like character.
  • A Biblical worldview is displayed By providing culture-rich experiences, we seek to help and inspire individuals to gain a Christ-like love for the nations.

From the Executive Director

Our world continues to evolve but in the midst of these changes one thing continues to fascinate people throughout the ages and even today...Art. The artist has been the voice for cultures throughout the ages. Art communicates who we are and the things we value. It has no language barriers and is embraced by most every culture and generation around the world. It is because of this that Worship Foundations International seeks to build the most effective generation of artist and musicians, helping them utilize their hearts and talents to inspire and transform the world for God's glory. More than just a conference or a book we believe that life happens best in the context of relationship. Through these relationships we empower artist to discover the Creator and to engage their creative gifts in allowing others to experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ. I invite you to be part of what God is doing in the nations and join us on this amazing journey! In His service, Scott Leggett Executive Director Worship Foundations International