Global Impact

Be a part of what God is doing around the world to draw people of all languages to Himself that He may receive their unique expressions of praise. We invite you to join us in being a part of the fulfillment of Revelation 7:9-10.  We invite you to be involved in God's global purposes through music. Global Calling...Role...Strategy... The calling God has placed on our lives as an organization and as musicians in reference to His global purposes is to impact culture by impacting those who increasingly and significantly impact culture in all parts of the world, especially national college musicians. The opportunity and stewardship responsibility we have to change cultures by reaching its college musicians and artists is immeasurable. The strategy is for artists to develop relationships with local musicians through concerts, worship training sessions, and cultural exchange.  From these musical intersections, cross-cultural relationships are developed, national musicians are reached, culture is altered, and nations are changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We challenge you, as an artist, to be a part of impacting culture worldwide.  
  2012: DESIRE We were created to desire. We want the real thing — true beauty, true joy, true life — but the world hands us cheap counterfeits. We can offer the world a way back to Truth. The psalmist invites us to do something wonderful in Psalm 37.4: find our delight in God. Join us as we dig into the deepest of delights to facilitate fulfilling the world’s dearest of desires. Join us as we offer true delight and true desire to nations through music. Join us as we place our desire and delight in the One we worship. Current Offerings Wavefront teams consist of a band and crew trained to serve abroad alongside an in-country host, functioning as a catalyst to their starting or existing ministry. WFI can provide host connections, logistical and administrative support, personal preparation, ministry training, project debriefing, and re-entry follow up. Each team member is required to meet with a mentor of their own choice before and after the trip to help integrate life lessons learned on the field into a growing spiritual life at home. The goal is to use music as a tool for advancing the Kingdom of God in lives worldwide and in the lives of our participants. For 2012, we have hosts in South Asia, East Asia and Spain who are looking for teams. Each location will have a different approach to using music in their ministry. Specifics for Asia locations are withheld for our hosts' security. Costs will vary depending on location and length of assignment but are estimated to range between $2500-$3500. Costs include training, round-trip flight to your host nation from Los Angeles, CA, travel insurance, in-country costs, and re-entry. You will be responsible for transportation to Los Angeles, but the cost can be added to your support goal. For details, please contact Josie Leung. South Asia: In the Northeast of this nation, music is an integral part of life. Beyond playing well, we will focus on what we play and why. Be part of a pilot effort to reach youth and encourage churches through music. East Asia: This port city on the southeastern coast of the Yellow Sea has a district where seven colleges and universities cluster to house a student population of over seventy thousand. They are eager to meet with foreign friends to share fellowship and build long-lasting relationships. We have an open door for bringing in a choir, orchestra/band or other talented musicians to do concerts at local universities, in outdoor parks/beach and other public venues. Short teaching/training music skills sessions can be arranged, as well as opportunities to lead musical activities for the youth summer camps. Spain: Music moves the souls of people. In a nation where people spiritually struggle to embrace and worship God, join YWAM Madrid in a variety of outreaches that will also stretch your experience of God and how He works through musicians and worship leaders.   In the works... Epicenter is a week long intensive experience geared toward bands already playing together and wanting to move in a missional ministry direction. Mornings are set aside for personal spiritual development and group times focused on reflecting the missional heart of God and artistic performance in the context of mission. Afternoons and evenings are reserved for practice sessions and public performances (street corners, coffee shops, etc.), as well as fellowship and rest. Band members are encouraged and equipped to share their faith with interested individuals. Each Epicenter closes with a time of commissioning, releasing bands to continue public ministry through the arts in their home communities. The desired outcome is bands of Kingdom citizens affected by the power of the Holy Spirit to use and develop their talents for progressively further reach into their home communities. cities on hills is a more of a movement than a program. Several times a year, local bodies of faith gather in their own communities to intercede for the nations. We cannot worship God and leave unchanged. As members of the Body of Christ join to bring hearts of prayer and worship to an audience of One, spiritual breakthrough happens around the world and in our own lives. The Kingdom moves forward through entire nations and individual spirits. In the process, we grow to look more like the One we love, the One who is our Light (Re 21.23).

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