Worship Foundations International is an organized group that desires to help musicians understand, be prepared for, and flourish in what God has called them to do.

It started back in '95 when Steve Cripps and Martin Allen teamed up to provide worship leadership and preaching for youth camps, conferences, retreats and such. Though worship leading and preaching were a central focus of energy, the ultimate desire was to encourage youth leaders (the vast majority of whom are volunteers) in their callings. The goal was to help a church answer the question, “How does our church with our particular resources at our particular location in our particular region reach the youth of our schools for Christ?”

In 1999 after almost four years of ministry, God led Steve to seek a church staff position and Martin to take some time off from traveling in order to work on restructuring the ministry. After a year of prayer, discussion, waiting on the Lord, and decision-making, Martin revitalized his itinerant ministry under a new operating name and with the new focus that remains today. The burden to strengthen and encourage leaders shifted from youth leaders to worship leaders to more specifically fit what God had called Martin to do.

Since early 2000, the WFI team has grown and the ministry focus has slowly evolved into what it is today....helping musicians, through experiences and relationship, be prepared for what God has called them to do.

This is who we are as people called to be united behind the ministries of the worship mentor network, songwriters journey, and global impact teams. We love each other and hope to create organizational structures that honor God. If, after checking out who we are, you desire to be a part of this mission, please contact us in some way. We'd love to chat.

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